The perks of being sugar/wheat free

may you be joyful, smilelovejazz

Last weekend my mum gave me an article about author Sarah Wilson, and how she quit sugar (here). Then, the other day I came across an article on wheat, and it’s disadvantages. (Have a read here). I’ve wanted to try to eliminate sugar & wheat for so long! Was the universe sending me a message? Perhaps. It’s been on my mind for ages, but I’ve never truly acted on it. Either I’ve started and its lasted a day, or a birthday, or fabulous cake came into my life, and I just couldn’t say no. Well, this week I decided to, once and for all, take charge.

To go ahead and do a sixty day no sugar, no wheat challenge. This ain’t gonna be easy!!!

I’m into day five, and, strangely, so far so good. Not as bad as I thought!

I’ve made little efforts, like not having…

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