Finding a substitute for wheat

may you be joyful, smilelovejazz


Lattes, coffee, all good things caffeine. I’ve given up wheat, but substituted it for coffee. Not sure if that’s a good thing, but no longer having wheat, it’s excellent.

On the weekend had a lovely morning, the first breakfast out for a few months. I seldom go out for breakfasts (growing up in a very economical home, it was not something we ever did. Even now, I consider it to be a huge indulgence. I’ve inherited the ethnic mindset ‘why buy it when you can make it cheaper’). It was really nice though, to wake up, go for a stroll through the inner city, and have breakfast lovingly made for you. My highlight was the avocado and quinoa on gluten free toast. So good. We went to Proud Mary’s in Collingwood, Melbourne- would highly recommend it.

Back to giving up wheat. It’s very do-able. Change and swap your food choices…

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